Astro December Update!


Astro December Update
By Ruby

There’s some very lucky days ahead and a cycle has begun that runs through Christmas Eve. Loving Venus trines Wounded Chiron and this is good for financial opportunities, and helps us with love and romance too. It’s also a good time to work on forgiveness. Perfect timing for this aspect to happen right before Christmas! So if there’s someone or something you need to forgive or perhaps would like to ask for forgiveness from…the opening is here and the energy is perfect. The Cosmos works in mysterious ways and is trying to gently push us into reaching out to help heal and open our hearts!

Financial Gains Ahead!

There is also several lucky astrological aspects involving finances (money) between now and the end of the year that we should really take advantage of!

Venus and powerful Pluto hangout in a more harmonious aspect through this weekend and it’s wonderful for manifesting or drawing in prosperity! We can see raises at work, bonuses, or promotions. Venus again also aspects lucky Jupiter through next Monday, which is also a good financial time, but we may also spend more then we had planned on.

Now for a Warning!

Also please remember to be safe out there, as I’ve been warning everyone in my blogs about the Mercury conjunct Pluto square Uranus aspect creating tension and frustration, which means ego battles and accidents, so be extra cautious especially when driving from December 16th – 22nd. And just as the energies can affect certain areas of our lives positively, there’s going to be negative energy as well. Events can happen that can be surprising or even shocking.

“Mercury in Retrograde” is Coming, January 5th through the 25th, in fact the shadow period as it’s called started yesterday. So get prepared now and start projects, sign contracts now so they simply won’t be delayed or confused during the actual Retrograde phase.

Here’s some Good Shopping Days to jot down and some days to be extra Cautious on!

You’ll find some pretty different, unusual fun gifts for friends while the Moon is in Aquarius through early Wednesday morning, after that the Moon will be “Void” all day, so I would not suggest buying Gifts during this time, usually they get returned, re-gifted or just not used at all when the Moon is “Void!”

Starting late Wednesday afternoon buy gifts for the one you love, romantic kinda of things, through Friday morning. Friday afternoon is again not a good time as we slip into yet another” Void” Moon cycle. Then on Saturday the Moon will be in Aries, so we can buy out of impulse and we may end up buying gifts that are too much and we can completely blow our budget. But we’ll have the energy to get a whole lot done, if we’re careful.

Sunday, December 20th through late afternoon is another good day to shop, but only if you stick to a list of some sort. Make sure you take the time to eat dinner with family or friends, and you can get back out there and shop till ya drop with the Moon in Taurus!

I will be reading all week with clients so take some time to chat with me, as next week it might be more difficult with the Holidays so close and we all get super busy! Have a good week, enjoy the spirit of the Holidays no matter what your beliefs. ~Ruby


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thanks Ruby, I read this a bit late but it may explain the depression and frustrations I have been feeling of late… Hope it all lightens up soon… 🙂 wishing you and yours a very Merry Yule and happy Christmas… 🙂


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