Open your Heart!


“Open your heart”

Early this morning a harmonious aspect between loving Venus and spiritual Neptune came together. This energy is going to be strong throughout the weekend. Our feelings can flow better, especially in our relationships and around whatever we value most. We find it easier to be more compassionate and this helps us to heal our deeper emotional wounds and fears.

Our intuition can be very strong with this influence, along with the other aspects the cosmos is stirring up currently, our inner-psychic can be very in tune. It’s all to easy to trust others and open up about how we are feeling. It’s as if the Universe has gave us permission to finally trust something and open our hearts up again, to both giving and receiving love!

This energy is huge! Everyone of us at one time or another shuts our hearts down, due to fear or emotional pain, and usually we’re not even aware of it! How do you know when your “Heart Center” is closed down? Our universal heart within our spirit is the very source we come from, it’s the space that connects us to everything here in this physical relam and beyond, it’s how we communicate with each other, and when it’s open it connects us to the Heavens. So if we experience emotional trauma of any kind, we can go on autopilot and shut it down! It’s just out of necessity to survive, the ego takes ahold and boom yea we’re still here and still existing, but life isn’t the same. The energies feel off and we don’t seem to enjoy much of anything, there’s little fulfillment and we can easily become depressed and/or anxiety ridden. So with all of that being said, please learn how to “Open Your Hearts.”

Because this Venus/Neptune aspect is helping bring some harmony our way, we can more easily give love and emotional support. Allow yourself to express your emotions and help heal. If you’d like to learn more about opening your “Heart Center” please contact me for a session. I can teach you many different techniques to help open your Heart again, and maintain it so you’ll always be able to go back and do it again if need be and I’m pretty sure you will.  ~Ruby


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Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned


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