Mercury in Capricorn


Mercury in Capricorn
Practical Thinking

Mercury enters more serious, but really just more focused Capricorn today, where it stays through January 1st . Our thinking process is going to shift from the adventures we could be going after, while Mercury has been in Sagittarius, to on what’s real and practical. The party is over because its time to look at what’s here in the physical world, in the here and now on this physical plane we live in.

This energy definitely will help curve our spending to some degree, but it is the Holidays. We do tend to plan out what we do with our money more so then impulse shop. We should be able to concentrate better with expressive Mercury in sobering Capricorn. We tend to focus on the task at hand until completion. In other words we get things done, at a slow steady pace. Our way of thinking will be much more slowed down as we think about what’s logical, organized, and orderly. So it’s time to meet reality and face our fears. Our business and financial affairs will become way more important now. We keep track more of our physical world and how to maintain our financial security.

It’s easier to sort out what’s relevant and essential. Our communication is no-nonsense and very to the point. It’s important not to become to rigid in our way of thinking, we can appear cold and or even harsh. Remember there’s a fine line between realism and pessimism.

We must keep holding on our dreams while working on this physical plane. It might be difficult at times while under this influence, but close your eyes and feel your heart and breathe and connect to your spirit daily, that will help you balance this energy out and keep a flow going with the Universe. ~Ruby

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I found this useful. Many thanks and warmest regards.


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