How’s your love life?


How’s your love life?
Venus in Scorpio

Venus the sign that rules love, relationships and money shifts into secretive, determined Scorpio tonight, where it remains until Dec. 30th. This influence can have us feeling deeply passionate in our relationships, and anything superficial, fake or false will not keep us happy nor satisfied. Scorpio energy is about connecting the body to the soul, and we want to make that special connection with our partners or someone close. This is a strong energy that seeks out extreme, instense bonds with others, ones that make long-lasting memories.

This is a very emotional placement for Venus as it’s passionate, intense and a sensual energy. Our relationships become extremely important to us, they almost can take over everything else as we become obsessed with them.

Some people get very involved in their work and form a bond or union that’s very strong. So with Venus in Scorpio we can also become extremely passionate about our work or when concerning are career and we can let that consume us.

With Venus in Scorpio we are driven toward an intense closeness… but we don’t have much faith in our partners, because we’re more paranoid and untrusting! There’s a strong fear around being vulnerable, and around giving up our own personal power to others.

This is a all or nothing kind of energy,  and our relationships might feel like we’re riding a rollercoaster of emotions. Our attention can be turned toward the arts and entertainment industry…we need to see something visual that reflects this darker soul, passionate energy back to us, something we can see as this helps us to feel it!

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