Hello December “Life Lessons”


December 1st
“Life Lessons”

So we have arrived into the last month of the year! Welcome December. How are you feeling? Hopefully you can look back on 2015 and can see all the blessings and be grateful. If you were taking off track in 2015 by something unexpected, try to see where the lessons are. There is always a lesson for us when we are faced with something difficult, and lessons always come from Saturn.

So let’s take a look at Saturn in 2015 and 2016. Saturn moves very slowly through the sky and ensures we reap what we sow. If we hide from its lessons and refuse to acknowledge what’s happening, usually Saturn comes along and puts these issues right in our face! As we deal with these life lessons, it’s important to remember that we are spiritual beings first and yes we’re here on the planet having to live out our lives, but any challenges we face are all about helping us learn how to cope, so once we’ve learned a lesson, be it challenging or not, then we can move on.

So as we approach the end of 2015, it’s important to stay stong. Saturn’s ultimate lesson is about us believing in ourselves and staying resilient. So ask yourself what issues you’re facing right now, what is challenging you and holding your confidence back, and where’s your deeper belief in yourself. Usually it’s fear that holds us back, the fear of something or the fear of things not going as we’d like or had planned. Change your thoughts and see the more positive energies coming to you.

Saturn has been in Sagittarius for a little while now and will stay throughout 2016. Since we all are affected by Sagittarius, here is a quick description on what part of your life Saturn is affecting now, read both your Sun and Rising Sign if you know them.

Saturn is teaching you about the importance of studying and travel, think about just how these things can broaden your life.

Saturn is teaching your life lessons right now around sex and money, and how you handle both.

Saturn is teaching you all about your love life right now, and how it’s your greatest teacher at this time with it being in your Love House.

Saturn is teaching you just how important it is to take care of yourself, and to start changing your daily rountines to be more healthy.

Saturn is teaching you how to express yourself, it’s lessons are coming through creative projects and around your kids.

Saturn is teaching you about your home and how family makes you stronger and happier.

Saturn is challenging you to work with and explore the possibilities that positive thinking can bring.

Saturn is teaching you all about the importance around valuing yourself, your life’s work, assets, and talents in a proper way.

Saturn is teaching you while temporarily parked in your sign, that life is just one big huge lesson right now. So pay attention!

Capricorn – 
Saturn is teaching you how to face your fears head on, much of what you are experiencing is an illusion, tackle those fears as if they weren’t real and watch them go away!

Saturn is teaching you that the friends in your life are your teachers right now, so pay attention, don’t talk as much and listen to them.

Saturn is teaching you to slow down and plan out just how to reach your goals, and you’ll make steady progress towards success.


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