“Final Bang” of Uranus-Pluto Square


Last week of November – first week of December
Final Bang
Uranus-Pluto Squares last act!

There’s been a disturbance in the force sort of speak over the last month or so, and this influence has caused some serious disruptive, explosive energy… and it’s been felt around the world. The culprit being aggressive Mars squaring both Uranus and Pluto this week. And this is the “final bang” of the Uranus-Pluto “Square” energy and we’ve been feeling it and unfortunately seeing what the more darker side of this energy can do. If you remember I’ve been discussing the Uranus-Pluto Square and it affects over the last three years, so since 2012. Just know this is the final challenge or hurdle for this chaotic, disruptive, wild energy! It can have us feeling rebellious, nervous, frustrated and sometimes even violent, as we’ve have seen. This Mars/Pluto energy is all about survival!

If you haven’t already noticed people are feeling edgy and pushed, so they are fighting back and reacting out loud or even physically. It’s extremely important to avoid people or situations that are tense or already heated. People are feeling bullied or backed in a corner, and maybe manipulated and will use any means possible to get themselves out of it…even if that means getting ruthless. We are nervous, restless and feeling a pressure we can’t explain, for many it’s like there’s again a disturbance, but we may not be to sure what exactly it is. Most of what we’re feeling is the energy of this Square, for many different reasons. But do ask yourself this, how can you use this driven, passionate energy to help move you forward? My advice is to go after what you want right now, with all your heart. Even if that means going out of your comfort zone to get it! Just be careful along the way.

But like I’ve mentioned we’ve already been feeling this aspect and seeing it’s affects globally for the last month or so, and we’ve seen some pretty violent acts. So just give people the space they need and understand some are heated up, and pissed off… and they might react in ways we’re not expecting, as this energy comes together. Expect the unexpected in this energy! Be observant, pay attention to your environment…especially over the first part of December.

Luckily aggressive Mars is in more passive Libra right now, so it’s energy is most effective when being diplomatic and not violent, even in the most trying of circumstances. We are motivated by a strong desire for freedom, justice, equality and peace. This influence is meant to shake foundations of structures apart that are no longer working or serving our needs, so we can break the ones that aren’t working down and rebuild something that will work. This can be in any area of our life, from your work, health, love life, or around money or relationships. It just depends on where or how it affects your own personal Natal Chart.

This Mars Square Uranus-Pluto energy can bring about much needed progressive change in the world and in our own lives, but it’s lessons are challenging and sometimes devastating. The good news is this influence should finally start to calm down considerablely by the next New Moon on December 11th, and then slowly it will finally come apart through the beginning of 2016. And then it won’t be able to be triggered again…so this is the final act and the curtain is closed, and we all couldn’t be thankful enough that it’s finally over!

Just note: that whatever energy the Square has caused will continue to play out in our lives, it’s now up to us to fix, heal, and rebuild what’s been torn down, so ideally we can have something that works for us. This energy has been affecting us in all kinds of different ways, ripping through and breaking down parts of our lives that no longer work for us or don’t make sense anymore. Think about all the causes out there going around, the world is fighting passionately for what it is people believe in now, wrong or right. That’s the energy of the Sqaure! The list of causes that are out there anymore never ends, the truth about so many companies and structures is coming out and being told, the way we used to keep everything secret isn’t working in this New Age of Information anymore! As we enter the Age of Aquarius nature to take care of the masses, the humanitiran in each of us has started to rebel and fight for change. Even though the Uranus-Pluto Square has been more then challenging at times, you can also thank the Universe for it, because it’s been here influencing us to finally make the necessary changes we so desperately need to take care of one another and our planet!

Hopefully, some of the good that will come out of this influence is that we will continue to stand up for what’s equal, fair, just, right and most importantly humane so we can live in a better world. Now the ultimate lesson will be, can we continue to promote the changes we need in a kind and loving way once this disruptive Squares energy has gone. Something to definitely think about.

“May we be the architects that change the world, so it can reflect only our highest values!”

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