November Full Moon


Wednesday – Astro Alert 
FULL MOON at 4:44pm CST

The Full “Moon comes together Wednesday afternoon and is in curious, Gemini, the sign that constantly collects information, it’s opposing the Sun in adventurous, forward-thinking Sagittarius. Full Moons produce a lot of tense energy, because they’re what’s called an opposition in Astrology, and thid is a challenging or tense energy. But this aspect teaches us how to balance the two opposing energies that are between the Sun and Moon.

This Gemini/Sagittarius aspect basically affects us more mentally, where Gemini represents the “lower mind”, so a more logical way of thinking, and Sagittarius represents the “higher mind”, which helps us to expand our minds, broaden our horizons, and think outside the box. This axis or Full Moon is about the balance between these two different ways of thinking, which is very important because what we think is what energy we attract.

Gemini energy is quite comfortable in its normal routines, processing and sharing information as fast and as much as possible. Sagittarius energy puts us on a mental quest for meaning, it asks us to look beyond facts and learned knowledge, to our life experiences and the wisdom we gain from them.

This Full Moon is inviting us to pay close attention to our thoughts now and balance both of these energies. It’s lighting the way, and shows us how we communicate, and what are attitude looks like. So do we just keep collecting information and spin our own wheels, or do we sometimes take a risk and feed our sense of adventure. We should break out of our comfort zone from time to time and act on these thoughts, this will help bring new energy into our lives…that gives us more depth and meaning. Or are we just simply playing it safe and exsisting in life.

This energy has been building up inside of us, and now it’s time to let it out as the cosmos is demanding! Over the next few weeks we will understand more so what this means. But for now, it’s difficult to sit back on our feelings, we need to express them fully. With the Moon Full and bright in the sky, it’s symbolic for an “illumination” that occurs in our own lives. It’s basically a wake up call, or Ah-Ha moment. However, these feelings or revelations are usually experienced in some sort of emotional way during a Full Moon, and a emotional break down may occur….we suddenly become aware of these feelings and can learn something important. It’s time to let it out and express ourselves, as we need this out of our system. Just remember to use caution while doing so, and know that what we are expressing and releasing isn’t particularly rational yet, not in this Full Moon energy.

A Full Moon sends out very strong emotional energy, and is a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships. It is a time when what we wished for, (aware or not) during the last New Moon (two weeks ago) starts to come together. That’s why we should strive to always be aware and simply ask the Universe for what it is we want during the New Moon, and try to connect daily to our higher-self or higher-power…because our unconscious mind will create something if we’re not choosing our basic desires and wishes. When we’re not consciously choosing what we want, what’s created is usually based out of fear, because the ego (the mind) has taken over and is creating life for us! And stuff shows up that we don’t want or we get the good stuff and in one way or another it slips away. And then we’re left wondering why…its because we have to feed our souls daily, and connect to the Universe at some point!

The Sun also aligns with stern Saturn today and mental Mercury around the time of the Full Moon, so we can be very vocal and our minds are especially full of ideas about the day to day stuff going on in our lives. 

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