Mercury in Sagittarius


Mercury the planet that rules communication and information has been in more mysterious, but highly communicative Scorpio for quite awhile. Today mental Mercury switches gears once again and shifts into more adventurous Sagittarius, where it will transit until December 9th.

While Mercury was in Scorpio, our way of thinking was more deep and focused within ourselves, we spent a lot of time researching our deeper emotions, and our souls path. With Mercury in Sagittarius, the energy is lighter and our thinking process shifts into looking outside ourselves again, and at the whole picture. We are more focused on the details but not to precise with information.

Mercury being in Sagittarius can be a double-edged sword, simply because we’re way more open-minded and feel the need to learn a wide range of topics, but we can take it too far and get lost. We also tend to say “exactly” what is on our minds, without giving much thought or consideration to those around us. It seems to just come out of us, no matter how we’re expressing ourselves. Usually, unless provoked we don’t mean any harm or want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but that’s exactly what seems to happen.

Our ideals are sought after, our thinking is optimistic and our faith once again increases. Why? Because we simply believe again! Therefore, since we feel more able to believe things outside of ourselves again, we’re also easier to persuade. Balance is very important in this energy, as what’s fair or not seems to be most concerning now. Lots of checks and balances going on in our minds. Just enjoy the energy, but think before you speak if it all possible or it can get quite aggressive.


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thanks Ruby… 🙂 fabulous explanation… I will be sure to think before speaking… it’s a sigh of relief to be thinking in a more positive and optimistic frame of mind… have a fabulous weekend… 🙂


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