November “First Quarter” Moon


Thursday – Astro Alert 

Early Thursday morning a “First Quarter” Moon occured, when the Sun in Scorpio formed a tense square with the Moon in Aquarius. This aspect has been felt since the Moon shifted into Aquarius on Tuesday. This energy feels like we’re in a crisis, but we’re not entirely sure about what. We can feel panicked, stressed out, frustrated, angry and anxiety ridden, all because we feel like there’s something we must act on.

There’s usually waves of anxiety during a “First Quarter” Moon cycle, because this is a very tense energy between the Sun and the Moon. You might feel rushed or busier then usual, so allow the changes to happen. The best way to handle this energy is to be flexible. Be creative when working with others and don’t be stubborn, because that will have consequences.

Last Wednesday, Nov.11th a New Moon occurred, and if you were aware or not, seeds of intention were planted. Some kind of new energy was thought, felt or even acted upon. We sparked something new to come into our lives. It could be something big like a new job, baby, or a move perhaps. But we also start the little things during the New Moon phase, basically so we can get onto the path towards the bigger things we seek. Either way, we initiated a new energy with our heart and soul. Do you know what seeds you’ve planted?

That’s why I strongly suggest during every New and Full Moon to “Set Intentions.” So basically to ask the Universe for what energy you’d like to have in your life, and what you would like to release. This energetic ritual simply helps us know what we’re calling in, so we can continue to make sure we’re on the right path towards our desires.

That New Moon energy is moving forward now and the First Quarter Moon helps it form into being. Therefore, it’s important to step forward and create the energy of movement in whatever it is you’re trying to begin. Take a action and get the ball rolling! If you’re not sure what it is, my advice is to close your eyes and simply ask the Universe to show you what energy has been started. But to remain aware and focused is the key to understanding.

This month’s First Quarter Moon will affect people born with personal plants in the Fixed Signs of the Zodiac, so Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius more significantly. 


Because the NNode is (Reversed) we experience the “Last” as the “First” Moon in Aquarius. Things will have a way of being completed (last) before manifesting as a (first) experience.


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Fabulous write up Ruby… totally hit a cord with me… gosh now I am wondering what the heck I was intending last week… 🙂 I used to write out my intentions as you have suggested, as it does help to keep one on track, gives a sense of grounding… (that’s my Taurus moon speaking… ) 😉 … I am grateful for your reminder… Have a fabulous weekend… 🙂


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