Neptune Direct


November 18th, Neptune Direct
“Universal Messages”

Have you noticed feeling sort of off balance, foggy or fuzzy lately? We can thank the planet Neptune for this. Since last June, Neptune has been in a
Retrograde cycle, so life has been hazy, but on
November 18th, Neptune stations direct, and starts to go back to its normal pace slowly. This day is extremely important, it’s a day to ask yourself what your dreams and wishes have been incredibly June? Finally some of your dreams can move forward if you take the time to see them clearly. The truth has and will be exposed, the illusions we’ve created in our lives will be exposed or revealed. Basically, Neptune being in Retrograde has been about “getting real!”

This Neptune Retrograde cycle has been a period of reflection, but Neptune has blurred the lines between reality and fantasy. Subtle messages from the Universe will be all around on November 18th, with Neptune moving forward once again. This info is important, it’s about the path we’ve been on…so pay attention closely!

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