New Moon in Scorpio


Wednesday – “New Moon”

The Moon aligns with the Sun this afternoon and a New Moon occurs. This New Moon is in passionate, mysterious Scorpio, which brings our focus towards our most intimate relationships and around our deepest desires. Scorpio energy helps us learn how to let go of what is toxic or dead in our lives, it’s the end of a chapter. It teaches the lesson of letting go and how this transforms us, and that endings are also new beginnings.

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Scorpio now, we’re reminded of how we must transform our way of thinking, we must face our fears, and embrace our shadow-self, and reclaim our personal power. The “Shadow” self is all about what we suppress and deny, it’s the qualities we have yet to have developed within ourselves. If we don’t choose to learn how to work with this part of ourselves, we can become vulnerable and disempowered, or even manipulated and dominated by those that want to use or abuse us. What we reject or ignore within ourselves, we project onto others.

Ask yourself what qualities have you ignored about yourself, what have you surpressed or rejected…this energy is about accepting all of who you are, the good, bad and the ugly! Scorpio energy is all about transformation of “SELF”, so whatever you ask for under this New Moon, think about creating a deeper more passionate connection with yourself! By embracing who you are, while becoming more real, authentic and empowered.

This New Moon is about releasing old patterns, especially our thought patterns, while shifting our attention from our head (ego) to our heart (soul.) This energy reminds us to interact in a conscious way, and be aware of how we approach life and others. Are you coming from a space of love and empowerment or are you allowing the old conditioned version of yourself to repsond in detached, unkind ways. Or have you become so numb that you’ve lost parts of yourself and don’t know how to get in touch with your heart again. This energy teaches us we must accept and open up our hearts to all kinds of love, or we won’t feel the love that the Universe supplies, and then life can feel meaningless and even hopeless.

Learn to love yourself again by taking some time today or tonight and meditating, or write a letter to yourself. And then visualize opening your spiritual heart. Once you’re connected again to that source energy, you’ll feel the difference and life will become more bearable and even happier.

If you are looking to “Set Intentions” with the New Moon click here to learn more…the best time is Wednesday afternoon through Thursday mid-morning.

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