Wish Upon A Star


Astro Update 
“Wish upon a Star”

There’s some Meteor showers occurring this month. So be on the look out for Shooting Stars and make a wish! The dates are as followed November 12/13th, and November 17/18th.

Have you ever wondered if shooting stars have any real meaning, or if they really have any significance? It seems that shooting stars appear around the same time that the planets are gearing up to bring about some big changes in our lives, and that’s exactly what’s happening in November!

This weekend mental Mercury and healing Neptune join forces and create an energy that can help us work on anything Metaphysical, (such as getting a Reading) meditation, or Setting Intentions. It’s a good day to connect your thoughts and intuition. It’s also a good time to work on the lesson of forgiveness. Try forgiving someone or something, and especially yourself.

Wounded healer Chiron also is hanging around this weekend, so an old wound from your past or your childhood, and even recent past, might resurface. This aspect helps give us the opportunity to heal these old wounds, so that we can move forward away from them and create a better reality. 

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