Venus in Libra


Venus in Libra”

Today, Venus the planet of love and money moves into lovely, charming, balance-seeking Libra until Dec. 4th. This is great news for all of us, no matter what your sign. Venus is the planet of Love and Libra is the sign of partnerships…together this energy helps us work on existing partnerships, and create new ones.

Those that were born between September 22nd and October 22nd, could be feeling especially light-hearted over the next few weeks. This energy can help bring harmony and peace into our relationships and partnerships. This placement helps us show more kindness towards others, we are willing to work at making our relationships better! We are able to compromise and seem more agreeable.

Now that Venus is in Libra, she’s going to meet up with the father of the zodiac Saturn, and he’s teaches us in relationships we must have stability and long-term agreements, (I wonder how many people will get engaged over this time?) In other words, this energy is strong and is helping us setup long-term love and financial agreements, that stay together, and that are stable. This is totally a win/win, so we hope.

During this time we love communicating about our relationships, as we seek equality in our partnerships. We might have some pretty strong ideals about what a relationship “should look like,” but now is a good time to actually work on them. We can feel mostly like being fair with others over the next 3 and half weeks, and for those that don’t, they just might decide to leave well enough alone. We gravitate to what’s beautiful and romantic, and have a deeper appreciation for the arts under this influence.


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