Happy Birthday Scorpio


Happy Birthday Scorpio!!

October 23rd the Sun changed signs from balancing, charming Libra into passionate, mysterious deep Scorpio, where it remains until Nov. 21st. Emotions are felt very deeply, with intensity during this time. We’re drawn to explore any issues around intimacy and passion.

If something is fake or superficial, it’s not working in this energy. Solving our mysteries and finding resolutions is more important. Secrets come out, lies are found out. What’s hidden, taboo, or suppressed can show itself, and probably will come out.

This energy is intense and strong-willed. Be careful to use it for good, you can turn all that shadowy stuff into healing, if you keep in touch with your emotions. The shadow side of Scorpio energy is we can be jealous and manipulative. Release fears and get rid of your bad behaviors during this cycle. ~Ruby

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