Weekend Update


Astro Weekend Update – Oct 17th

Well there’s certainly a lot going on in the Cosmos right now, and the good news is that a very lucky aspect involving happy-go-lucky Jupiter and loving Venus is underway. These are the most kind planets in the zodiac, and they’re meeting up with powerful Pluto and go-get-em Mars. This energy combined is extremely powerful, so create a little magic of your own, be it with love or money! Just at least sit down and visualize what it is you want! Over the next few weeks we can can experience lots of fun and excitement.

“The Earth and Water signs of the Zodiac can be especially lucky!”

Also we should be paying attention, because secrets are coming out, when mental Mercury squares darker Pluto this weekend. We can now start to see people for who and what they truly are, and then some. Deception and betrayal are keywords with this energy, and the Universe wants you to know who you can and cannot trust. Some of you have already been experiencing this! Friends you might have known for years and trust, might suddenly surprise you with their actions. This influence isn’t being sent to upset or scare us, it’s here to shine a light on who’s energy we match up with and who’s we don’t, at least not anymore.

If you’re on a spiritual path that is helping you to evolve and grow, then you’ll understand this is a lesson on how as human beings we are energy, therefore our vibration will change as we awaken. Others are on a different path and just can’t seem to mature yet, and they’re on a lower energetic vibration. We need to see who they are and how they might be bringing us down. We can become very clear about what is happening, but those people that are figured out…might become very defensive and try to rally others against you! Just be who you are, there’s no defense required when you’re honest with who you are. Remember this isn’t about judgment or who’s better then who, it’s more so about energy! This aspect helps us to uncover that which is hidden or surpressed, and this can show up in both personal and professional relationships.

This aspect is strong through next weekend. There also can be unexpected news as mental Mercury meets up with surprising Uranus in a challenging way on Sunday, this aspect lasts throughout next week. It’s a very unstable energy, so please be extra cautious, especially from Wednesday through October 28th.

Keep in mind you have the power to change things, especially if you know about the energies coming in ahead of time. Thinking positive thoughts and taking actions can shift otherwise negative energies into the positive! Be cautious and enjoy the good energies coming in. ~Ruby 

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