Happy New Moon


Monday, October 12, 2015 – New Moon

7:06 PM CST is when the New Moon is Exact, and slips into the ‘Void’ as well

Monday a new cycle begins with the New Moon in Libra. We need to focus on making a commitment to any personal goals or dreams we may have… ones that are connected to the positive traits of the sign of Libra. This is a good time to build our negotiating skills, while not compromising our own beliefs or needs in the process.

It’s a good time to work on balance as always with the New Moon, but especially now with it being in…balanced Libra. Work on your relationships and learn how to see your partners as teammates not competition or enemies. This potent Libra energy gives us the chance to make important changes in our lives.

The lessons Libra energy teaches us, is to learn how to make peace with those around us, in our environment so that we can have a sense of order and balance in our lives once again. Work on seeing the value of your partnerships, as this is the ideal time to do so. This Libra energy brings us an opportunity to work on balancing our lives, and creating peace and harmony. But this is a balancing act that we must take seriously, by taking the time and effort to go after. You must make a commitment to it.

This New Moon can be a breathe of fresh air and bring in some creative energy into our lives, and more specifically into our relationships. It can become very important to us to balance our close personal relationships. Negotiations may go really well, as we understand how to assert ourselves properly and not offend others.

However, this New Moon is opposing Uranus and is forming a square with Pluto, so we can come across resistance and possible power struggles. Events that are surprising or even shocking may happen, particularly in our relationships. So pay attention and try not to react if someone provokes you. Stay calm and enjoy all the amazing New Moon energy! 

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