Jupiter Trine Pluto


Sunday, October 11th – Astro Update 
“Help is on the Way”

Today Jupiter in Virgo forms a harmonious trine with Pluto in Capricorn, this is a long-term transit, and is the whole “help is on the way” energy I spoke of….in my “Weekend Update” Blog!

This influence is good for business and law, and money in some ways. It can help motivate us again and make us feel ambitious!

This energy will hang out in the backdrop of our lives and get stronger as it comes together in March and June 2016. It can be an empowering force in our lives…. a strong influence we’ve so desperately needed…to help us recover from all the seriously hard aspects we’ve been through. It probably won’t make your life perfect. But it can help you improve again.

We can enjoy an increase in faith, hope and insight.There’s a strong desire to be more and do something about it. There’s such a significant pull with this energy, that we can become extremely motivated to go after any personal and professional goals we might have. The power of persuasion is in the air!

The most positive way to take advantage of the transit is to start taking steps to better yourself! Long-standing problems might finally be solved, and resources that have been hidden might be seen again.

This energy is about focusing on what works for you, so ask yourself or the Universe what will help you learn, grow, and understand yourself better. What can you do that makes you feel powerful? How can you expand you life and connect better to the path you want to be on? What changes can you make, where others will support you?

This is a very powerful, earthy aspect.
Jupiter makes things bigger, Pluto helps you feel on a deep soul level, Jupiter is happy go lucky and Pluto is intense. With both the planets in Earth signs currently, the energy of Earth will bring your deep soul desires to the physical world. Take advantage of this transit, that lasts through June of 2016. Take all this intensity and use it to manifest something amazing. Visualize what you want, feel it in your soul and go out and get it! ~Ruby 


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