Weekend Update Oct 9th – 11th


Friday, Oct. 9th – Astro Alert ⚠

It’s been another enlightening Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Libra, for some it’s been pretty rough. Communications will start to move forward again, slowly over the next few weeks and misunderstandings will clear up… you’ll feel the energy shift. There won’t be another Mercury Retrograde to deal with until next January.

The Moon will be in Virgo soon and the energy shift on Saturday should help some of the tension we’ve been feeling ease off. Venus is in a tense Square with Saturn, but this can help you understand what’s happened over the last month, this energy also can help you make decisions around your finances and career…and can  make or break relationships.

“Look back on any issues from November of 2014 that you’ve been dealing with. Something was happening back then, and you had to make a decision around January of 2015, then it peaked in April 2015. Whatever you were dealing with during those times is now slowly making sense. You will decide just what you need to do, to fix this situation for good hopefully or at the very least you’ll be able to deal with it!”

If you pay attention to the signs around you that the Universe is trying to provide, starting this weekend, (right before the New Moon) you’ll understand more clearly what needs to be done to create a more happy, healthy 2016. So one cycle in our lives is coming to a close and another one is starting over the next three months. You may need to let go of something or the idea of something to begin a new journey!

“Take some time this weekend alone to listen, feel, meditate, research and read, and the answers will show up!”

By Sunday you will notice how you don’t feel quite so anxious about the decisions you need to make and you’ll start to see this shift unfold. It’s up to you just how you want this energy to play out, you can’t get excited and embrace the change or be miserable and hold onto the stress, not such a healthy choice. Now that Mercury is out of Retrograde, it will slowly get easier to look at these issues from a fresh perspective and this will calm your anxiety.

Sunday the Moon will be in Libra so it get quite social and lots of you will be meeting up and enjoying each other’s company. Discussing how you’re feeling with others can help also to calm your anxieties, and getting physically active can really help you feel better and help to clear your mind, which can help you make better choices

Lucky Jupiter will make its first of three powerful aspects to powerful Pluto,. starting October 11th. This long-term aspect can help support the changes we decide to make. Solutions around the situations you’ve been dealing with, should come much easier.

Let’s not fail to mention the New Moon in Libra coming together October 12th, the Dark Moon as its called, when the Moon is at its darkest point, it’s a great time to set some powerful intentions, so get your lists ready! It’s the perfect New Moon to ask for whatever it is you’d like in your love life, relationships (of all kinds), partnerships and marriages, because Libra represents Love. And with Venus and Mars both moving into Virgo, the energy can be very sweet over the next three weeks. ~Ruby


This one hit Home with me. Thank you


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