Venus in Virgo – Practical Love


Thursday, October 8th 
Venus in Virgo

Venus the planet that rules love, relationships and often money is switching gears and moving into practical, sensitive Virgo today. It will remain there until November 8th. This is certainly a change of pace from expressive Leo, we tend to express our love in more practical ways…it’s more about what we do for others, not so much what we say that shows our affection. Things like small gestures, being there for those in need, running errands, doing work that involves paying attention to detail.

Virgo being an Earth sign is sensual but also quite practical. Self-indulgence can bring on guilt during this cycle. We can be more reserved and even a little shy in love, plus we might be more worried than

We now can see the tiniest of details with the Moon in Virgo. We pick up on the way people behave, we analyze every detail of others and their reactions and responses. Being so detailed can make it difficult to focus on the whole picture and the more meaningful stuff in life.

Virgo’s are known for living in their minds sometimes and they forget to enjoy the experience. We can be overly aware and self-conscious, and that’s not very fun! Helping others and being of service can be very fulfilling with Venus in Virgo, it can be a expression of love. We will be very logical through November as the cosmic lovers are now both in Virgo. Read more about that on my Blog at….


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