Weekend – Astro Update

Things are starting to make more sense in this energy, as they should! The energy of the “Lunar Eclipse” last week is starting to fade, and we are starting to experience moments of clarity. Even if you’re not happy with everything you’ve been through and are dealing with some issues now, you will see the benefits this energy can bring after the dust sort of settles. This weekends energy should be much more gentle with some nicer aspects. Saturday the Moon will be “Void” most of the day, so it will be a good day to kick back and relax.

In October, lucky Jupiter is in detailed Virgo, and is meeting up with transformational Pluto for the first of three meetings, this should help us to reshape our lives. Jupiter will support and even protect us again in March and then June, this helps to create changes and speeds up our situations, especially in relationships. If a foundation is weak and is unstable in our lives, it will fall…but this gives us the opportunity to rebuild with the energy of the Jupiter/Pluto aspect. This can make the general vibe more happy, and we can feel more satisfied. So focus on what problems you’re dealing with now, what power struggles are you in now?

This energy can help us with changes, it can transform situations and help is move towards a more supportive, secure energy. Jupiter isn’t going to just ignore you. So those of you who have been struggling in some sort of conflict or confusion, and/or have been indirectly involved in something stressful, Jupiter can and will help fix these problems or get you out if it!

There are some important dates this month you should jot down or add to your calendar. And take some notes, about what you should be doing. This energy will be strong the day before each date as well, the dates are as follows, October 11,15, 17,19, 23, and 25.

Looking at Halloweens energy this year so far shows a rather festive and fun energy ahead, that’s calm and is after the Full Moon which helps keep anxiety levels down. ~Ruby

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