Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

Sunday – Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse


One of the biggest planetary events of 2015 will be this Sunday when the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aries comes together, on September 27th and 28th for other parts of the world. This energy is strong and is affecting all of us…as the theme of this Moon is around our relationships with our partners, lovers and in our business relationships. I’ve learned that some people are more committed in their heart to their financial security then to a physical relationship with another person. So this energy can be fulfilling itself either with a partner or in your work.

This is a “Total” Lunar Eclipse, which means the Earth, Sun and Moon will align together. It is a “Super” Moon which is super potent, because the Moon will be closer to the Earth than usual. Which makes this energy strong. As the Moon builds in energy to become Full, we’ve been experiencing some intense feelings. There’s a lot of drama going on out there as secrets get revealed. And with the Autumn Equinox just beginning, this makes these energies even stronger.

Full Moon Eclipses push us into making decisions, they reveal secrets and initiate endings. If you’ve been dealing with some specific issues over this past year this Eclipse highlights the same issues as these previous Eclipses; April 15, 2014, October 8th, 2014 and April 4th, 2015.

Ask yourself what was happening in your life on those dates? What issues were you dealing with? This Eclipse takes us to the next chapter. For many of us, it’s about our relationships and if we’re happy. There’s a lot of separations going on out there, both on personal and business levels. Issues will come to light that may force us to end or redefine current relationships. We’re in a balancing act between our personal lives and the demands of the world around us.

Many of you have been dealing with relationship Karma since last summers Venus Retrograde phase, and now again with Mercury Retrograde in Libra. That means a lot of us are reviewing our commitments or obligations in some way. Whatever you’re worried or concerned about this Eclipse will magnify, but it also sheds light and can bring in great clarity. Some of us are being forced to deal with certain issues under this Eclipses influence. And for some this is the right energy to push us into taking our relationships to the next level of commitment.

We might take drastic measures and end current relationships, because things have changed and we don’t see this person or situation in the same light. Our perspective might be completely different from when we began the relationship. And for those of you who couldn’t make a commitment to a relationship or job, just may feel this is the time, because the Eclipse energy is helping push you to get off the fence. All relationships are under a magnifying glass now, even the ones we have with ourselves.

Remember the term relationship doesn’t always mean a love or marriage, especially in Astrology. It can also refer to the relationship you have with your career, or a commitment to a project or even just an area of your life. One thing is for sure this Eclipse is forcing change on us, as they always do, and will help you make changes if you go with it. However this energy is affecting you… it can be life changing!

In summary, this Lunar Eclipse is a major shift in consciousness, and can bring on endings in some very important part of our lives. The Universe is sending messages along with this Eclipse to help us solve our problems. Yes this has certainly been an intense build up in energy, but it’s also exciting considering what this energy brings. Give it some time to know what these messages are about…after the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse comes together and the dust has settled. Then we can see things from a different perspective and make changes that bring us closer to fulfilling our Souls Purpose.

~Happy Full Moon Blessings, Ruby


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