Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse ’15


Sunday, Sept 27th – 28th
Full “Super” Moon/Lunar Eclipse

Sunday evening the Sun opposes the Moon and a Full Moon occurs. This month the Moon is in fiery, independent Aries and the Sun is in balancing, relationship-oriented Libra. This Full Moon also is a “Super” Moon which means it’s much closer to the Earth, which makes its energy even more potent on all living things here on earth. This is an extremely powerful Full Moon that turns into a Lunar Eclipse and will turn red and is called a “Blood” Moon. The energy this tense astrological event is putting off is very intense, and it’s been quite emotional for many folks over the last week or so as it’s swelled up to become Full.

Under the Aries/Libra axis this Full Moon falls in, the energy is all about our relationships/partnerships and our independence, both on a personal and professional level. We need to define or redefine the roles we play and make sure these relationships are still serving us. If something needs to be changed this is the time to work on it. Ask yourself what is challenging you right now, in either your relationships or business partnerships. For some it’s the relationship they have with themselves even or their belief system, and for others it’s more around work and career.

Lunar Eclipses affect us emotionally and connect us strongly to our Souls Path. This energy helps us become more aware of what has been ignored and suppressed, deep within us. With this being a “Total” Lunar Eclipse, we can experience revelations that are life-changing over the next few weeks, for some these ah-ha moments have already happened. This energy shifts us into awareness around our relationship problems.

With the Full Moon in Aries we need to think about our independence. Should you be more assertive in some way or with someone, or are you too independent? Eclipse energy is about balancing the light and dark, the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves and in our relationships…and in the world. Think about what’s out of balance in your relationships.

This particular Full Moon has the Moon’s Nodes (or the Moon’s, Moons) involved in Libra, they help us see our destiny, and show us where we should be versus where we are on our Souls Path while on this planet. It’s important to balance how you are communicating in your relationships and partnerships now. This powerful Full Moon is about taking actions in our relationships that support what we want in the long-term. This is the time to help bring people together as opposed to dividing them, as we do so well nowadays.

It’s important to understand that Eclipses are a time of uncertainty, as they are Uranian by nature, so shocking, surprising and revolutionary. Anything can happen between now and Oct 12th…so “Expect the unexpected!” It’s not time just yet to take action, even though you might feel compelled to do so. It’s a time to simply watch and observe your urges, unless something suddenly changes that’s beyond your control. If you’re on the fence about how to handle a situation right now, wait to take action after Eclipse Season is over in October, then go for it!

Eclipses bring major endings and beginnings. So try to understand that whatever is falling apart in your life is making way for something much better to show up, and the more willing we are to change, the easier it will be to move forward to something that makes us happier and that fulfills our Souls Path!

The last time a Lunar Eclipse in Aries took place was back on September 26th, 1996. Think back to that time and remember what the energy was like back then. What relationships were you in? And how have those relationships now changed? You won’t have the exact same experience exactly, (of course) but some of the events that transpire now might make you “FEEL” the same way, this is what you should work on and heal, then you can fulfill your destiny in some way, and hopefully have more meaningful existence.


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