Spiritual Lessons


September 25th – Astro Update

This week the Sun in Libra meets up with the North Node which represents our Karma and Spiritual Lessons. This is a foreshadowing of Sunday’s Full Moon Eclipse…the Nodes (the Moons, Moon’s) both south and north are where an Eclipse happens. So during an Eclipse the lights go off and the Moon glows a different hue. The Light during an Eclipse is symbolic for life and the Darkness for Soul. Light creates a much more safe feeling environment for some, it makes us feel at ease and more comfortable. Darkness (again look at this symbolically) hides our opponents or enemies, and dangerous things like monsters and the power within. But we have to tune into different energies during the light and dark, we learn to rely on different senses and use different gifts in each one. That’s what we should focus on this week, by tuning into a place of inner-wisdom, think about what you’re really feeling when the lights go off at the end of the week when the Lunar Eclipse takes place. What does your Soul tell you? Close your eyes and go into the dark, feel your messages. Then ask the Universe from your heart what it is you’d like to grow and release over the next 6 months. Be magical like the energy of the Eclipse. ~Ruby


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