Mars in Virgo starts today


Mars in Virgo starts Sept 25th

Mars is the planet of action and aggression… and it’s energy helps get us moving and motivated…is shifting from fun-loving Leo into detailed, practical Virgo now, where it will stay through November 12th. With Mars in Virgo we tend to focus our energy towards projects that involve our day-to-day activities or around anything more practical and around our health.

In this energy we’re looking to create order in our daily lives, which helps us keep things more simple. Planning and organizing anything on the short-term is good in this energy. We tend to want to do things our way, because we feel will get it done right. But this doesn’t give those around us the chance to learn or improve and more importantly show us different ways of doing things.

It’s best to focus on yourself and don’t lose your temper by having little tantrums about how you’re right! You have nothing to prove, don’t waste the energy. It’s the best time to be of service to others and remind yourself that getting something done right is a process, while perfection is an illusion anyway. Keep your focus on improving rather then being perfect.

Aries Sun and Rising signs might be very focused on the details and health issues during this time. Virgo Sun and Rising signs will feel a surge of energy and chase their passions over the next 6 and half weeks. Take the extra energy if felt and turn it into physical exercise or a health project.

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