Mercury in Retrograde


“Mercury in Retrograde”

Mercury the planet that rules communication and expression has been in its shadow phase, (which basically means at a stand still) of Retrograde for the last few weeks, which also can make things feel stagnant, especially when communicating or expressing ourselves. Today Mercury starts to appear to move backwards in the sky. One thing is forsure,  Mercury rules the lower mind, so it causes glitches during a Retrograde phase. We seem to have a hard time with anything that deals with communication or expressing ourselves. Computers and electronics can act up and travel plans can have delays. Our way of thinking slows down and we don’t process information in the same way during this phase.

It’s been a fuzzy last couple of days anyway with the Jupiter/Neptune aspect energy around. And communication can get tricky during this cycle. We may struggle when focusing on the hard facts. Mercury will remain in Retrograde until October 9th. So during this time our thinking is turned more inward, as we review and reassess our lives.

This is the best time to re-organize and reflect. We see the world from a different perspective now without much effort…its like the night vision goggles are on and we see through different filters. This is a time for amazing revelations! Focus on that during this cycle.

Mercury Retrograde periods are when our inner-awareness is at an all time high. So we can benefit from it through meditation, keeping a journal, reworking old plans, and reviewing past work we’ve done or not finished. There’s usually minor breaks in the mechanical aspects of communication, but this can actually help us re-connect and possibly open more meaningful communications. And the truth seems to always come out during a Mercury in Retrograde cycle. If you want to know what you can do to take advantage of this energy and how to make it work for you, head on over to my blog and read my “How to Be Productive during Mercury in Retrograde”

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