Solar Eclipse


Sept. 15
“Solar Eclipse”

A “Super” New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo will take place very early Sunday morning. So let’s break this down. New Moons are potent in their own right, but Eclipses are even more powerful. This is a great night to “Set Intentions” and manifest!

Eclipses are like a light that’s already very strong and almost shaken up. So this energy can make us feel frantic or nervous, and that leads to anxiety about which direction to go, in different areas of our life. Because Eclipses break the natural rhythm of the Moon, this is what allows energies to come into our very being and spirit. We literally get shaken up. It’s a download of information to our unconscious mind. So we might feel like we’re all over the place. Might I suggest meditation or exercise starting Saturday to deal with the energy, thru the weekend. ~Ruby

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