New “Super” Moon Solar Eclipse


New “Super” Moon Solar Eclipse

Just a few hours after midnight Sunday morning the New “Super” Moon Solar Eclipse will take place in the sign of Virgo. So we have a strong need for efficiency and order. This energy pushes us to be effective in serving others and how we do things. This is a huge shift in awareness, as information will start to be downloaded, unconsciously. This is the time for New Beginnings!

A New Moon is a harmonious aspect actually between the Sun and Moon. This time around the Moon is in Virgo and the Sun is in Pisces. This is all about how we work, but also how serving others too much can turn us into victims. So we work hard to help others, but the question we should be asking, is do we neglect our own needs to help? Do we go overboard and end up hurting ourselves is the issue.

Virgo is about work, detailed information, physical exercise, health regimens, daily routines, and regular patterns. The Pisces Sun is screaming, “hey what about me!” It’s a healing energy that’s very senstive to the energies around it. So this is all about balancing how we take care of others and also help ourselves.

We should be building up our health now, and doing some soul searching around how we take care of ourselves. We need to learn how to be pro-active and start new health and fitness routines now…that will help us in the long run, before we become too runned down and have to do it and suffer.

Learn about the power of “now”, by getting specific routines organized that will help manage your live in a more positive, mindful way. Learn how to be mindful, and pay attention to how you’re taking care of yourself now, in regards to your health and your future, and the consequences that might happen later if you don’t! Striving for perfection is a great motivator and challenges us, but we shouldn’t become obsessed and overly focused on our flaws, and then end up feeling guilty or stressed out about it later. Set some powerful intentions anytime tonight through 9pm CST Sunday night when the “Void” Moon cycle begins. ~Ruby 

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