Mercury Retrograde “Shadow” Phase


Thursday, Sept. 10th – Astro Update 

Have you started to notice the energies are feeling off just a bit…especially when communicating or around anything electronical. This is being caused by Mercury slowing down to go into its Retrograde cycle. Unfortunately, it’s already begun like clock work for me, and many others have expressed to me how they’re experiencing technical glitches. However, there is a lot of positive things that can come out of a “Mercury in Retrograde” cycle. I will have more on that later.

But for now let’s discuss Mercury’s “Shadow” phase (the period before the actual Retrograde cycle.) Mercury is the planet of communication and travel, and is now slowing down to come to a halt next Thursday, Sept 17th, when it begins its Retrograde phase.

So over the next few weeks through Sept. 23rd, we’re going to need to be patient with each other and ourselves, especially when communicating, traveling and around technology. This really isn’t the best time to start anything new, especially if it involves taking on new information to later process. This can be a confusing time as we slowly sink down into a whole new reality and we see things in a whole different perspective. The problem is so many don’t understand these kind of strong astrological influences, and instead of rolling with it they get frustrated and then bigger problems can start.

During this Mercury “Shadow” cycle we can experience blocks, delays and misunderstandings, the energy just tends to feel “off” and stagnant. If you’re going to be traveling anywhere, might I suggest taking some extra time to prepare, especially if you’re using public transportation when flying or driving. Just be ready for delays or whatever might throw you off track. Remember delays during Mercury’s Retrograde cycle are just the Universe’s way of opening up little pockets of time… for you to remain unplugged and them to take action around creating balance. 

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