Weekend “Love” Horoscope


Weekend “Love” Horoscope
Friday Sep 4th thru Sunday, Sep 6th

The Moon remains in curious, chatty Gemini, Friday and Saturday, which gives us an opportunity to engage in stimulating conversations and activities. If we’re not having a strong mental connection with the object of our affection, we won’t feel love, we won’t bond in a dynamic way, which in turn helps keep us together. Our moods can be more sensitive, if we feel off in our cerebral connection with our sweetie. But for the most part it looks good for the weekend.

The big news this weekend doesn’t start until early Sunday morning. Venus the planet of love and relationships, finally turns direct after being in Retrograde since July 25th! Matters of the heart will finally move forward again and in the right direction, if you understand why things are working or going apart over the next few weeks… either way there’s a good reason.

The Moon slips into more at home, sensitive Cancer, Sunday afternoon, and this will assist Venus as she’s going back to her normal pace again, this can make the energy quite sappy and romantic. Have fun! ~Ruby


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