Full Moon in Pisces


“Full Moon” in Pisces

Early this afternoon the Moon in sensitive, healing Pisces opposes the Sun in detailed, practical Virgo, and we have a “Full Moon.” This is a creative, flowing energy, that is also tense and nervous feeling…so of course we seek balance between these two energies over the next few weeks,

During this particular “Full Moon” the balance is between our logic and intuition, ya know the mind and soul. The Sun in Virgo is detailed and analytical, and the Moon in Pisces is a smooth, flowing energy that just wants to act from the Heart and allow all realms to merge together as one. We’re yearning for a sense of connectedness where nothing is truly separate, because it’s not…even though society has truly set it up that way. We have an opportunity to bring unite our physical body with our spirit.

Balance is needed between the left and right brain. The mind helps us function in our everyday lives, it brings focus, but it also blocks us from looking at the whole picture around who we are and why we’re here. Think about what you’d like to see change or improve in your life during this “Full Moon.” Ask yourself what you’re willing to receive through your heart. Ask the Universe how you can balance your head and heart to work for you better.

This “Full Moon” energy can definitely make us feel spacey, but it’s also quite Spiritual, and we should really take advantage of its healing powers. Therefore, it’s a great time to work on any Spiritual practices, such as meditation, journaling, breathing techniques, energy work or rituals, and anything around being aware and mindful. This energy can swing open the doors to places you’ve never thought of in your healing process, so kick that door open and change your perception. Also work on anything involving spiritual and healing energies combined is recommended, like Reiki, massage, or acupuncture. These Spiritual practices of healing can help heal us energetically, and clear out our energy fields of all the negative energy we take on.

Do something creative during this “Full Moon,” help the creative energy flow through you, like dancing, singing, playing music, and having fun just playing in general. All of these things can help us connect stronger to the Universe and each other, this can bring in more positive energy such as compassion, gratitude and love.

This Full Moon is quite powerful, and we’re also entering Eclipse Season with the Solar Eclipse in Virgo also approaching on Sept 13th. So our physical and emotional bodies can feel this energy very intensely. These events are helping support a shift in our consciousness and making us more aware than ever, which helps us along our healing process.

This “Full Moon” in Pisces helps us connect to our spirit, so our minds can focus better on being of service to what’s in our highest-good, and something amazing or even miraculous can happen. If you really want to help yourself, learn how to connect to your spiritual-self during this “Full Moon” and open up to the possibilities!

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