Mercury in Libra “Negotiations”


August 27th –  Mercury in Libra

Mercury the planet that rules communication and expression to some degree, enters more social…always balancing Libra today, where it will journey for an unusually long time, until November 2nd. Mercury usually only spends 3 weeks or so in a sign, but because it’s going to be entering it’s Retrograde phase, (scream “No” here!) this is a particularly long stay for Mercury, it will be in Libra the entire time.

Mercury in Libra can also be positive, because we are easier to get along with and friendly. We want to keep the peace, so we can be quite diplomatic. It’s an easy placement for one on one relationships, we tend to be more rational. So it’s a good time to make any amends with friends and family, if it’s needed. Take some time to work on your negotiation skills during this cycle.

Mercury in Libra in nearly any situation, will help us to see both sides. But the more challenging part of this energy comes when we have to make quick decisions, because we might really struggle with making up our minds. It’s easier to get taking advantage of and used, because we want to accommodate others to keep the peace. It’s more difficult to be assertive, especially if it makes us look badly. However, this is a good time to consider others opinions and points of view, because we value them more and will come to more fair conclusions. ~Ruby 

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