The New Moons Alignments


Astro Alert ⚠
Powerful New Moon Alignments

Here’s a little more about how the Cosmos is lining up around the New Moon in Leo this weekend.

Venus the planet that rules love and relationships and often money is in Retrograde. This energy may have brought back old friendships and relationships to you, over the last few weeks, in one way or another. We should be reviewing our relationships and finances. It also can help us take a closer look at what’s blocking us from being truly happy…in this moment. Venus is in Leo and Retrograde, so we have permission from the Cosmos to enjoy our life and our relationships, and our unique relationship with money. It’s a good time to reflect, take breaks from life to have fun and play after every worked hard! Enjoy your life and seek out pleasurable activities. Visualize what you’ve always wanted to do with your life and who you’ve always wanted to be in this New Moon energy.

Chiron stirs up our emotional wounds to be healed, and is involved in a somewhat challenging connection to this month’s New Moon. We must work on making changes within ourselves, and take some time to rest, heal and play. Work on opening your heart and loving yourself, others, and your life. Try to grasp that the Universe is with you, and understands, and that you’re always loved and forgiven.

Uranus the great Awakener is in fiery Aries, and is in a harmonious aspect to the New Moon and Venus. This aspect is helping us see the truth about ourselves, by sending us Ah-Ha moments and visions. Visualize your ideal world during this time! Not perfect but ideal! Look for messages the Universe is tying to send, we must pay attention,

Mercury the messenger in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn at the time of the New Moon. This helps us to feel empowered by our words and in the conversations we have, with ourselves and others both. This is especially true around our health, as we should be now working on changing our daily routines and leaning how to be in service to others. ~Ruby

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