New Moon in Leo


New Moon in Leo
“Creative Power”

The Moon remains in heart-felt, attention-seeking Leo all day, and aligns with the Sun in Leo, which begins the New Moon cycle, around 10am CST Friday morning. With the “New Moon” in fun-loving, expressive Leo, we’re looking to have experiences that are heart-felt. We have a strong need to express ourselves, as we learn about love, power, and the support we can create from being in our heart…in everything that we do.

Some key words to think about and work with in this “New Moon” energy are, (especially if you want to “Set Intentions”) proud, loving, playful, hospitable, caring, warm, authortive, generous, active, and passionate.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the symbol of consciousness, the all knowing “Source” of energy in the Cosmos! It is the light inside of all of us that we choose to reflect and shine in our lives. The Sun’s energy is what we are destined to be and express. Mars activates this alignment and is also in Leo, this energy just further boosts what we truly are passionate about. And encourages us to be more in our hearts, so we can radiate confidence and joy!

These aspects bring forth the raw energy of creativity, so we must look for ways to be creative in all that we do and especially when we express ourselves. We are all creators here on this planet, we create with every breath, thought, word and action we take. Being in the constant flow of creation requires a certain mindset, if you want the outcome to be positive. With the Sun in Leo, we need to think about the time and effort we put forth into being conscious or aware, of the energy we’re sending out. We should be more curious, courageous, and passionate now…we should play and be in our hearts, in order to find that inner spark we all possess. If we connect our hearts in all that we do, the energy of love will be created, but if we choose to be in judgment or fear…that energy can get stifled.

Make sure and take the time to connect to your “inner-child” over the next few days, the place within you that wants to play and create. Ask what does your inner child need, and what will make it come out and play? It’s important to be direct when asking this question, but also compassionate.

This New Moon aligns very closely to Venus in Virgo, this brings a more softer, friendly loving energy to it, we can connect to our inner-child if we tap into this energy. Children in general should respond well if we stay in our heart. The bottom line is this New Moon in Leo is about how we tap into our own hearts, and how we connect to our Divinity and create. We must be real and honest and come from our hearts as much as possible. We must create, not just for personal gain but to help others. To evolve!

This is the best time to set some powerful intentions for the months Moon cycles. It’s best to “Set Intentions” after the New Moon has come together, and certainly not during a Void of Course Moon cycle. So this month the best times to set intentions would be anytime starting Friday morning from 10am CST through midnight and Sunday early in the morning around 3am CST through 10am. ~Ruby

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