Jupiter in Virgo


Jupiter in Virgo” 

The lucky planet of expansion, Jupiter, is changing signs today at 7:11am EST for the first time in a year. It’s shifted from fun-loving Leo, into service-oriented Virgo, where it stays through September of 2016. Jupiter has been in loud, heart-felt Leo since August of 2015… and that means you either took a leap of faith and found some luck, or you jumped to quickly after certain dreams and landed on your face. But either way we must dust ourselves off now and work on our healing process. Jupiter helps us have faith in who we are, our abilities or gifts, and in life! We can end up attracting good fortune when we choose to be honest, organized and helpful to others. Paying attention to the details is extremely important in this energy!

Jupiter in Virgo is about being in service to others. It’s a time when we should be practical and focus on what’s technical, because that’s what is most valued, as good old-fashioned hard work brings rewards. Especially, if we remain realistic about our goals and not get involved in any risky behavior. This energy is about integrity and honesty!

Jupiter in Virgo can help the “Food Army” or ban on GMO’s movement, as we’ve decided not to eat chemicals and expose the food industry, and demand they change their unhealthy ways! It’s a good time to work on our diets and with the alternative health industry, as “Clean Eating” takes on a whole new meaning, over the next year! Those that work in the service industry should have a better year (looks like minimum wage will go up for fast-food workers in many states.)

It’s easier to reach goals if we get clear directions and make solid plans while in this Virgo energy. Remember to visualize what you’d like your outcome to be, as real and more tangible results make us extremely happy. Overall we tend to be more open and optimistic when it comes to our work, career, self-improvement and when taking care of our health.

Because Virgo is so gifted with seeing the details, this energy enhances our ability to know what it takes to do a good job. And usually someone of importance will take notice. This transits influence can help bring positive energy around co-workers and employees. So if you’re looking for a new job or a career change, this is a great time to go for it! In fact, many of us will find new jobs with Jupiter in Virgo, because with Jupiter involved we see the possibilities in a big way! Generally speaking, many of us will experience improvements to our working environment period, as we’re happier performing the smallest menial tasks. The best way to work with this energy is to recognize what we’re useful at and take some pride in it, this will bring rewards.

Jupiter in Virgo can help us with our health and in our healing process! Health services are likely to improve this year, especially those companies that are taking the holistic approach, the ones that promote anything truly organic. If we choose to really get involved and be active in our own healing process, the natural/holistic way can bring in some amazing energy, and we are likely to experience a good outcome.

The last time Jupiter was in Virgo was back in Sept. 2003 through Sept. 2004, so no it’s not going to be exactly the same experience, but it might bring back whatever issues we didn’t get resolved or that need more work now. At the very least some of the old energies will come back around. Ask yourself what work or health issues did you deal with at that time? Did you change your daily routines? Or your job? How are you taking care of your body now? Make sure and take care of the connection you have with your Spirit, Mind and Body while Jupiter is in Virgo!


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