Mars in Leo

“Mars in Leo”


As the Cosmos continues on with “Leo Season” (many planets in the sign of Leo.) Mars the planet of passion, aggression, and war, is shifting from protective, emotional, play-it-safe Cancer and into fun-loving, risk-taking Leo, where it will remains until Sept. 24th.

Over the next six and half weeks we will feel a strong need to be creative in some way. This is a very vital position for Mars, and our passions can run high, and so does our desire, we’re more strong-willed and can be enthusiastic during this time.

So for the next six and half weeks we can enjoy being a little spontaneous, while taking risks. Our egos get associated with the actions we take. Anything we do is with pride, we are looking for admiration and acknowledgement! Become an inspiration to those around you, by moving forward towards your own personal goals, especially if we connect to our hearts first… and listen and feel the support from the Universe guiding us along.

Remember Leo energy is about following your heart so basically go by your gut instincts, not your logic. Logic isn’t always the right way, it’s just usually the safe way! How boring is that!

Anyone with Leo Sun, Moon, Rising or Mars signs and Aries Sun and Mars signs will feel especially energized during this transit, and your passion will be strong. Make sure and get some physical exercise all my dear lions and rams, it’s going to be active! ~Ruby


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