Jupiter/Saturn Square


Jupiter/Saturn Square

Jupiter expands our minds, our Souls, and even sometimes our waist line. Saturn is the father of the Zodiac and likes to enforce the rules on this physical plane. He even rules over Time and is called “The Lord of Karma.” Jupiter and Saturn are coming together this week in a tense square, that’s actually a long-term aspect, that comes together again in March and May of 2016! So this energy will be in the backdrop of our lives for quite awhile, but get weak and strong again as it comes together!

Right now Jupiter is in Leo and Saturn is hanging out in darker Scorpio (not very comfortable for Saturn.) This can bring lessons around following the rules, if we don’t choose to play by the book and abide by the rules and laws we are governed by…then get ready for a reality check!

Since this Jupiter/Saturn Square will be in the very backdrop of our lives for awhile, it’s a good idea to focus on long-term goals so that we may mature. The truth of what we live in the physical world can be up in our face, if we choose to ignore problems or issues. Now after this week the energy won’t be as harsh, until it starts to come together again in March of 16. So use this time to restructure your life somehow, especially around business goals.

Just remember there’s no easy way out of your problems with this Squares energy influence, it’s best to not try shortcuts, we must do the work! It’s a good time to work on old plans and issues that never got finished, time to get it done! But it’s NOT a good time to start anything totally brand-new. If you’ve been thinking about an issue and even doing a little bit of research and just never acted, I wouldn’t consider that brand-new, because you had already began to align with the energy. Take the steps needed to achieve your goals, but don’t over do it during this time, or you’ll face frustrations and obstacles. ~Ruby
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