July’s Full Blue Moon


July 31st – Full “Blue” Moon

This month’s “Blue” Full Moon is in Aquarius, (a blue Moon is when two Full Moons occur in one month.) We won’t see a “Blue” Moon again until 2018. The Full Moon in Aquarius comes together around 6am CST, July 31st. For those of you who “Set Intentions” by the Full Moon, it doesn’t go “Void” until Saturday early evening and for only one hour!

The Full Moon is a when the seeds we’ve planeted emotionally and mentally with energy actually come to being. If we’re aware of it or not…conscious or not…if we understand it or not! Whatever energy you were involved in during the New Moon just a few weeks ago, is now coming to be. The Full Moon is always emotionally charged, it’s a time when our focus is on romance, fertilization, and relationships.

The Sun in Leo helps us with our self-confidence and individuality…but we want to run or work with others in a pack. With so many planets now in Leo (there are 5 other plants in Retrograde now), we can learn how to be creative and use self-expression to recover and heal. We can stick up for ourselves and refuse to be silenced! It also teaches us that even though new ideas help us gain new perspectives, we must follow our hearts first and not allow unjust acts to go unnoticed.

The Aquarius Moon teaches us how to be independent and detach from our emotions, as our values and morals become very important. This energy helps us to see what our visions for humanity is, and how we can move forward as a group and make them a reality. Aquarius energy helps us to search from our emotions and gain new perspectives, which helps us fix problems on a large scale.

A Full Moon illuminates the conflict between the Sun and Moon! We may feel fired up and nervous…or like taking action! We can proclaim to know what we’re doing or talking about, but it’s not coming from a rational place. The Full Moons energy is strong and potent. We may feel like we’re going to burst if we don’t move forward! Because a Full Moon intensifies our emotions, feelings, and attitudes… everything can seem bigger then it is! So take what you’ve learned and harness the Full Moons energy, by simply telling the Universe or writing down what energies you would like to release…think about what is no longer working in your life or what or who isn’t serving you… be it people or situations.

May this Full Moon in Aquarius be a inspiration for us to think collectively and act from our hearts. So we may be courageous enough to show a beautiful kind of love to everyone.

Happy Full Moon  ~Ruby

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