Venus Retrograde

July 25th
Astro ⚠ *Alert*
Venus Retrograde


Venus the planet that influences love and relationships and often our finances, comes to a halt today in Virgo, this starts Venus’s Retrograde phase, that runs until Sept. 6th. This brings up any issues we might have in our relationships, around our self-worth and with finances/money. The truth can come out now…and more can be revealed. It’s a good time to bring any built up issues we’ve been hiding out into the open!

It’s time to re-evaluate your daily routines and the relationship you have with your inner-self. This is a great time for resolving relationship and financial issues. This gives us the opportunity to take a good hard look at what we value in others, in our world, and within ourselves.

It’s important to understand how these transits affect us, so here’s some things we should be working on during the Venus Retrograde phase: Are the relationships with my co-workers and colleagues valuable? If not, what’s missing? Do my daily routines match up with what I desire? What’s the relationship like with my inner child, self? And do I allow myself to express joy and creativity?

This part of the Retrograde lasts until Aug 5th and we can be pulled to work on issues around what we have and what we don’t have. Especially if it’s around our work, romantic relationships, or our playtime. ~Ruby

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