Speak from the Heart!

Mercury in Leo
July 23rd through August 7th, 2015


Mercury the messenger shifts into passionate, dramatic Leo today. Mercury is the planet that rules communication. Let me ask you what you’re passionate about, because this Leo energy can energize you…in anything from your career to being a better person. This energy is revitalizing and will get your blood pumping, when you follow your heart. You can feel especially bold and brave and put yourself out there. Feeling inspired you take chances that can lead to dreams coming true.

This Leo energy turns your attention towards having fun… so flirt, play, connect to others with your heart, write some love emails or text messages. Just go with this loving energy and make new connections, in both your romantic relationships and friendships. Mercury in Leo is about seeing and speaking from the heart. Leo is a fire sign and actually rules the heart.

Do you know how to speak from the heart? How to be real, authentic and genuine with your words? Can you quit saying what’s politically correct or what’s socially acceptable. Speaking from your heart takes a bit of bravery and tact, while being aware of how fragile or not the person you’re talking to is…because if you’re operating from the heart…that matters!

This energy has a strong personal presence about it that can only be found within you. Let’s go back to school for a moment and think about the teacher who just reads out of a book and how boring it is. Now go to a different class, where the professor takes their eyes out of the book and looks directly at the class, and expresses the topic at hand… openly, honestly and from the heart. That is the kind of energy you’re looking to tap into! Be willing to take a risk and be in the moment, you can take advantage of this Mercury in Leo energy by putting yourself in all that you say and do!

Those born during Mercury in Leo are amazing speakers who captivate their audience. They shine when they’re talking about what they love. During this time try to feel that personal place of power when you communicate. Remember in this energy you may seek more attention and can take center stage, but you’ll do it with your words… as your messages can become animated and alive. Look for others reactions, you’ll see it in their eyes if you’re on the right track or not, you’ll know if you’re reaching them.

Now just a word of advice while Mercury is in Leo, you can take things very personal. Especially, if you don’t get the response you’re looking for, you can see red and get upset. We demand respect at all costs and if we don’t get it, we will move on to someone or something else. There’s a lot at stake in this energy, depending on what’s being said and how you take it. You may notice it’s difficult to put on a fake smile or give a real hand shake… if it’s not from the heart.

During the Mercury in Leo cycle, have important conversations with the right people, make speeches, proposals, lectures, entertain, or give advice. There’s lots of pride running around out there and a very strong need for respect and admiration mixed up in our conversations. You might become very stubborn and fixated in your opinions. The best way to break this behavior is to use humor and be generous.

What should you do during the Mercury in Leo cycle? Let’s talk about the possibilities and how creative you can be now…promote yourself, get new photos that show off yourself or business, introduce yourself to someone you admire or are interested in. Express what you like or love to the people around you and tell them what makes them special, write blogs about romance or send love notes to those you admire.

Instead of relying on old methods that have worked for you in the past… it’s time to wing it! Learn how to connect to your heart by being real, authentic and let your basic instincts guide you. Speak from your heart and connect to the Universal energies in a very deep profound way! ~Ruby


And my chart is filled with Mercury… O.o

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