Wednesday – Astro Update



The Moon remains in sensitive, protective and sometimes defensive Cancer all day long. But there’s many other challenging configurations that also occur today. Restless Mercury meets up with action packed Mars today, and both planets are opposing darker Pluto, and the chaotic energy we’ve been in over the last few weeks continues for a few more days. It’s not a good time to be confrontational, it can become volatile… and then Venus and Saturn are involved in a challenging aspect, and relationships can take a hit, (if they already haven’t in your world) and the energy can get tense. Especially if you get stubborn about an idea or opinion, and not choose to listen to someone else’s opinions, and you resist changing your mind.

This can be a very competitive energy, and that is the theme of the day! Instead of over reacting, it’s best to notice the powerful feelings you are having around any confrontations or conflicts that come up, and observe them, sit back and notice how you’re feeling…don’t react, just think about it, and forgive yourself.

The energies today have a way of pulling out what’s been suppressed in us deeply, and our emotional slush can come up and then have to be dealt with. There’s a lot of drama in the air, with so many signs in Cancer, because we are ruled by our emotions when Cancer is involved, (Cancer is ruled by the Moon) which can make us act very dramatic and irrational. We can get caught up in this energy and go overboard. Especially, if we are looking for some kind of truth, we can push and insist we know what we’re talking about without any real facts, and take it to a whole new level. Some might even become suspicious and our thoughts can get excessive, as paranoia can take over.

Keep grounded today, take care of yourself and don’t blow up or lose control. Lots of breathing if need be and remember you don’t have to be right, you have nothing to prove to anyone. Act with logic and strength, not chaos and drama! ~Ruby

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