Astro Alert Wednesday July 15th

July 15th – *Astro ⚠ Alert*


The New Moon in Cancer comes exact July 15th, Wednesday night….and we’re feeling hypersensitive and can become easily offended! Especially with the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury all in Cancer. This energy is about protecting oneself, so if we do lose control, our tempers can fly off the handle like we’ve never experienced. The energy is super tense this week and with so much sensitive Cancer energy involved, it’s just best to crawl back into our shells sort of speak, (Cancer is the sign of the Crab) where it’s safe to fight our battles another day. Unless you’re fighting for change in some big way, and you must stand up for yourself…to survive… just remember no matter where you are with this energy, being calm will usually bring a better outcome.

Wednesday there’s even more intense energy coming together between two intense alignments, Mercury/Pluto and Mars/Pluto oppositions, as this energy has already been reaping havoc over our lives over the last few weeks or so… it can make communications unpleasant, as demands that are impossible are being made on us.

My best advice is to not overstep boundaries this week, not at all… don’t even put a toe over that line. Relationships are under the gun now, and with cold unapologetic Saturn meeting up in some super tense oppositions this week, we can find ourselves involved in situations we would have never thought to be possible. So don’t take anything Personally! Be like a Cancer, unless you must stand up for yourself in a very strong way and avoid adversity. Try not to argue or fight with anyone if at all possible, simply because it can get destructive. I will have more on the New Moon tomorrow…so follow my blogs to gain a better understanding of the energy we’re in and how to handle it daily. ~Ruby


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