Full Moon in Scorpio


Full Moon… In Scorpio!

The Full Moon is in Scorpio and comes exact Sunday around Noon CST. As always with a Full Moon we’re looking for “Balance”, but each one is different. Full Moons will bring up issues around something in your life that needs to be fixed or aligned. This time around the balance we seek is between our connections to this physical reality, symbolized by Taurus, (the Sun is in Taurus) and our connection to our deeper emotions…which is symbolic with the Moon being in Scorpio. It’s time to think about our deep emotional connections to others and ourselves, and how they’re essential to our human experience….these feelings play a important role in defining and understanding what we value most which is Taurus energy.

All Full Moons bring up our deep emotions to understand and be dealt with. This particular one can help us to let go of any fears we have, and breakthrough to the next level of reality (Evolution.) The Full Moon in Scorpio shines brightly and helps to illuminate what’s been hidden, secret, or kept from us. It’s time to rid of any old emotional conditioning we’ve learned from our past, following these old behaviors doesn’t work for us anymore, and isn’t helping one bit.

The Sun in Taurus seeks comfort and stability, and symbolizes the connection we should be having to our personal values, so we can have higher self-esteem and healthy relationships. The Full Moon in Scorpio craves a way to transform or resurrect itself, it puts us in touch with our deepest desires and worst fears. Only if we take a deeper look at our past traumas and how they made us feel powerless, will we be able to tear down the walls we’ve built around our emotions… to feel protected. This energy is about being vulnerable without the fear of falling victim to the power of love. (love of all kinds.)

This Full Moon energy can help us learn how to trust others again. Only by acknowledging our fears, can we transform into truly powerful people that have the inner strength to love.

The absolute best way to work with this Full Moon energy over the next few weeks, is to see everyone, as one whole. It’s good to work with those that are committed to waking up and making change. Those who aren’t on that path yet shouldn’t be put down, because eventually they will find their way. It’s best to put your energy or attention to where you have influence, rather than pushing evolution on those that just aren’t ready yet! Choose your battles wisely.

This Full Moon helps stay in touch with our feelings and can help deepen our relationships through our unconscious mind and any hidden aspects we didn’t realize it has. The future doesn’t look as bad when we let go of past traumas and pains. More then likely what you fear the most has already happened.

Allow your heart to be open and love all of who you are, the deeper you, the person who was there before all the trauma and pain, that person who has been there all along in your soul. Take the time to be kind to yourself, and have the courage to explore the deeper you during this Full Moon.



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