Mercury in Gemini, for how long?


Thursday – *Astro Alert*
“Stay Focused”

Mercury the messenger changes signs today, from steady, slow-paced Taurus, over to curious, quick-witted Gemini, where it stays until July 8th. This is unusually long period of time, because Mercury has to go, dare I say it… RETROGRADE, starting May 18th!

With Mercury holding the energy of communication and also Gemini’s ruling planet, our way of thinking over the next two and half months is really going to pick up, our lives will move must faster now. The keyword in this energy is Focus, we must work very hard at not getting sidetracked with all the information that will be coming in, so focus, focus, focus!

Anything we do mentally, like reading, writing, and talking will be especially strong over the next few weeks. We’ll feel more like keeping up with what’s happening. This can be a time of mental challenges, as we become more curious, and enjoy learning and studying. We can grow and evolve both socially and intellectually under this influence.

Becareful not to overdo it, or you can become exhausted during this time. It’s a good idea to remind yourself to periodically take breaks, and look at the whole picture of any given situation you’re in. Take notes and collect information, you may need it later.


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