“Happy Birthday” Taurus

Monday – Astro Alert
“Happy Birthday” Taurus


The Sun shifts from fast-paced, fiery Aries into more slowed down, peaceful Taurus today… where it stays until May 21st. So over the next four weeks our focus shifts on to what physically pleasures us, as we have a deep need for comfort and consistency. The Sun in Taurus is here to remind us how we should slow down from time to time, and enjoy life.

It’s easier to meet new goals realistically, because we’re more grounded and consistent. We should really take this time to focus on what’s most important to us. During this time think about what you value most. How do you feel about yourself?

Leo and Taurus Sun Signs will be most affected by this transit. Taurus will feel generally good and confident, perhaps even a bit playful over the next four weeks. Leo’s vitality will slow down and you might indulge even more into the physical and material pleasures of life.


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