*New Moon* Alert

*New Moon* in Aries


The Cosmos is heating up, and a spark has been lit by the fiery Moon in Aries. We’ve entered head first right into bold Aries, like the Ram that symbolizes it. The confident, courageous, assertive energy that Aries brings… should help lift us right out of the deeper, watery, and emotionally charged “Eclipse” energy we’ve been in for the last few months.
If any sign can give us a fresh start, it’s Aries, as it’s the first sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the beginning of Spring. This is the time when the seeds that have been buried beneath the earth, all winter long… push through the Earth and sprout. And just like those seeds, we too come back out and start to feel this energy.

“Eclipse Season” was rough for most of us, it stirred up lots of emotions around self-worth, self-esteem, and self-expression. The fiery Aries energy has been ignited, and pushes us forward to pursue our passions, and demand more out of life and our relationships. This Aries energy represents “Self”, it’s about putting yourself first, both your needs and wants. As difficult as the past few months have been, this process was very important. It helped us to recognize how we’ve been blocking things like Love and Abundance, from coming in our lives, so this energy is about what you think you deserve.

“New Moons” represent new beginnings and Aries is new starts, so on Saturday, April 18th… we can set into motion energies that can stick with us for quite along time. With the Sun and Moon both in Aries, it’s a completely fresh start for us, full of new opportunities and possibilities. This energy is a great way to start over or initiate what you truly want in your life, you just have to ask the Universe, your higher-power, guides or anything that you believe in, to get the ball rolling. This energy is more like celebrating a New Year!

The other fire signs of the zodiac are also strong during this New Moon. Lucky Jupiter is bestowing us with gifts and blessings in fellow fire sign Leo. Saturn as stern as he is, is in fiery but optimistic Sagittarius. That’s a whole lot of fire, which means “actions.” This makes this New Moon in Aries energy extremely potent, and strong, and can give us a whole lot of courage. With all this fire in the sky, this New Moon is going to be quite magical, and one that could keep manifesting for the rest of the year!

New Moons are the best time to “Set your Intentions”

With so many fire signs supercharging this New Moon, we want to take advantage of this powerful energy. We must explain clearly what we are choosing to call in. We can do that through any kind of New Moon ritual. Here’s some examples of what we should be asking for during this Aries New Moon!

Aries New Moon Intentions 

  • Express what you’re passionate about with confidence
  • Ask for abundance and money, in the knowing you’re worth it
  • Ask about starting that business you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Ask to live out your life with a sense of purpose
  • Ask for relationships that are Soulful, with healthy boundaries and love
  • Ask to let go and not attract people who don’t show you respect
  • Express how you would like your body to look and feel
  • Communicate how you want to live life on your terms, having both financial and emotional freedom to do whatever you like

You know you deserve a better life with more love, respect, and money. So claim it!  

Please head on over to Rubys Readings and check out my Blog on how to “Setting Intentions” for this ever so powerful New Moon.


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