Pluto Retrograde


Thursday – *Astro Alert*
“Pluto Retrograde”

Pluto comes to a halt in Capricorn today, and starts its 5 month Retrograde phase, through September 25th. Pluto’s energy will move slower through May 3rd. This influence is of a darker nature, often we have to experience Pluto’s tough lessons to understand our own personal power.

During this Pluto Retrograde phase, it’s a good idea to work on “surrendering” to your beliefs, highest-self, or faith. Because Pluto teaches us how to feel empowered or disempowered. Over these next 5 months you should think about what area of your life you feel powerless in, and what changes you can make to fix this.

Get real with yourself, be authentic and honest. Connect to your spirit and embrace all of who you are, both the good and bad. As you have the time to internally process these issues, think about your habits, fears, and behaviors, that hold you back from feeling powerful or in control. Ask yourself if you can accept and embrace your darker side, your “shadow”, the light and dark of you. Guess what, we all have a darker side to us, in one way or another, if we like it or not!


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