Loving Venus and strict Saturn meet up this week in a tense opposition, that runs through Friday. And our Relationships (of all kinds) can be tested and challenging. We can have a hard time attracting the right people or things, at least the ones we want or need.

Lessons are being dealt out by the Universe, around how we relate and act in relationships, of all kinds. Possibly work on your one-on-one a bit. Our fears, doubts, and insecurities may become an issue now.

It’s just a good day all around to take some time alone, especially with the Moon in Pisces. It’s easy to hide from the world, because we need some down-time, to think about what it is we truly want and need. (and for the upcoming New Moon Saturday)

This energy can help us to see the truth in our relationships, and if they’re strong or weak, and who should make the cut or be let go of. We also can get clear about our financial endeavors in the same way.

Our goals should be about honesty, ask yourself if you’re being authentic in your relationships. And are the people your close to false? Relationships are like anything else, if built on a weak foundations, they usually won’t survive. But some relationships can be mended and improved. Which ones are you in?

We need to pay attention to our money and try to be conservative. Financial matters might become stressful in this energy. It’s important to find a balance and not push, so remain calm and be an observer in your life. You’ll learn more when you’re quiet and still.

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