Mercury in Taurus


*Astro Alert*

Later Tuesday, Mercury the planet that influences the way we talk, think and communicate, will shift from lively, fast-paced Aries to steady, passive Taurus, where it stays until April 30th.

Over the next two weeks our way of thinking will slow down, and be more grounded, stable and solid… We’re looking for realistic conversations, as fantasies just won’t do and common sense is very important. We can be very direct in the way we communicate and matter of fact. We should think about what their saying, so not to come off to pushy or strong-willed when expressing ourselves.

Mercury in Taurus can get interesting as it seems to enhance our senses, and things like colors, smells and touch can be especially strong. The reality of a situation, and the facts are what matter now, we don’t have time to try to think outside the box as much.

We’re lead and drawn to what brings us pleasure. We have a no-nonsense way of approaching problems, our thoughts are more down to earth and often practical during this time.

We can simplify our life by paying attention to one thing at a time, and by staying focused. We learn best when shown how to do things. Answers that are basic and practical make more sense over the next few weeks. It’s easier for us to process information if it pertains to what we could do with it. Be-careful not to be narrow-minded, to conservative or stubborn while Mercury is in Taurus.


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