Venus in Gemini


Venus in Gemini
April 11th

Venus the planet of love and relationships changes signs from more steady, calm, sensual Taurus into chatty, social, changeable Gemini. Venus provides us with the energy of love, and can influence our finances. Venus will be in Gemini through May 7th.

Over the next 4 weeks we should enjoy activities that our mentally stimulating, and we may feel like changing things up. This energy is all about connecting and sharing parts of ourselves with others.

It’s so easy to get distracted in this energy, so if we get bored or somehow detach from our partners mentally, we are on the hunt to satisfy our curiosity with interesting new people, in new situations and places. Love is lighthearted and playful over the next four weeks, as our sense of humor should also be a strong part of our relationships. So laugh it up!

Our finances are also affected by what Venus is doing, so while it’s in Gemini our money may fluctuate. We don’t really stay invested in anything for long, to see it all the way through or profit. Overall this energy is favorable when it comes to our finances, as long as their short, quick sales, so stick with short-term investments.

Keep your mind open during the Venus in Gemini transit. Be flexible in love and with your finances. Our curiosity can be helpful in our loving relationships, keeping things interesting. It is unpredictable, scattered energy we’re in now… but it can keep us on our toes in our existing and new relationships, both. That means we can be excited about love and money again! This energy is anything but boring.


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