Pluto Stations for Retrograde


Saturday – *Astro Alert*
Pluto Stations

Pluto rules our power, it helps us to discover our soul purpose, and is slowing down to come to a halt Thursday April 16th, this is called the “Station” cycle and it lasts through May 3rd, as it gears up to go Retrograde for 5 months. When a outer planet “stations”, the energy is very strong. We are impacted by this energy and can feel somewhat uncomfortable. We have to work through this energy to understand it.

Pluto controls our process to empowerment, it gives us the ability to feel our power from within ourselves, as it leads us through our deepest passions. Pluto is also associated with transformation and how we transform darkness into light, or death into rebirth. These terms don’t always mean a physical death or rebirth, but more so and ending and beginning.

Pluto likes to strip away the darkness on a soul level and removes what isn’t working for us or isn’t truthful in our lives. Then that dark can be replaced with something that’s more true to what we need now. It connects to our deeper passions on our soul path.

When Pluto brings about deep changes we shouldn’t resist it, because we tend to suffer, but if we observe this process and allow it to happen, we will move forward with greater truth and can feel more like we’re in a place of power from the inside out.

It’s the time to take a close look at whatever is in our face over the next 3 weeks. Look at what isn’t working for you, and what isn’t aligned with your soul path. What isn’t true or authentic in your life?

Ask yourself some questions: What am I holding on to, out of fear? What old habits, behaviors or fears are holding me back from feeling my own personal power? Do you understand your true Soul Purpose? If we confront our fears we can realize our unique gifts and special talents.


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